måndag 12 maj 2008

Nya regler för dj:s

Den sympatiske Ewan Pearson har, i bulletinen på sin myspace-sajt, deklarerat sig själv som The Supreme Overlord of Dance Music. Så har bland annat följande diktatoriska regler upprättats:

- No house or techno record shall exceed 122BPM in tempo, and, further, every other release must contain at least one track that is 118BPM or slower. There will be no exceptions.

- All DJs will undertake to change tempo at least once and play at least 3 vocal tracks or disco records in every two hour set of music.

- The superimposition of live percussion (comprising congas, bongos, timbales etc.) or saxophone over DJ sets is punishable by death.

Håller du med?